Voluntary service association Q.d.V. - ONLUS

Q.d.V. is a group of volunteers born in 1985, operating in the Cooperativa Lambro site, in Monza, and dedicated to improve the quality of young people with mental handicap free time. The beneficiaries of this activity come from Monza and towns nearby.
QdV organizes trips and outdoor activities ones a month; events with fixed dates are sometimes the exception to this rule.
QdV consider that the quality of the free time and the satisfaction of the group have to be granted during their activities.
By sharing time with other in an original and free context, the capacity to exchange experiences and point of views is stimulated, increasing in this way the culture and personal autonomy of these guys. It's very sad thinking of many disables forced to stay hours and hours in front of a TV…. without any other choice for their free time.

In December 2006, after 21 years of experience, QdV decided to become adult, and constitute an association O.N.L.U.S. (without earnings purposes). It was time to make official its activities, to give a stronger reference to the families of the young disables and to the entities that give contributions allowing the success of the activities.

Today the QdV group is engaged in two tasks: the already described activity with Cooperativa Lambro guys (mainly trips and events during the weekend) and the project "Valore Volontario" of Stefania association from Lissone , by sharing with these guys some hours on Friday evening.

The members of QdV follow trainings and keep updated on psychology of disables and first aids.

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